Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Thursday Quiz Number 2

Here's another 20 to have a go at.

Again I've tried to make them progressively harder (ish)

Hope you all enjoy

1. Who was the first wife of Henry VIII ?

Catherine of Aragon

2.Austin is the capital of which American state ?


3.What is the highest 'checkout' finish you can get using 2 darts?

110 (treble 20 and Bullseye)

4.The Hoover Dam is found on which river?


5.Who is the current president of South Africa?

Jacob Zuma

6.In which European country was actor Bruce Willis born?

Germany (West)

7.Who is the current British Defence Secretary?

Liam Fox

8.LOT is the national airline of which country?


9.What Latin phrase meaning 'Great Work' is used by painters and authors
to describe their best work?

Magnum Opus

10.From which musical is the song 'Thank Heaven For Little Girls' taken?


11.What US President was shot and killed by Charles Guiteau?

James Garfield

12.Which band have been nominated for a record 4 Mercury Music Prizes, but
have never won?


13.Which star is nearest to the sun?

Proxima Centauri

14.The hero Judge Dredd can be found in which comic?

2000 A.D.

15.What item of clothing from South African origin is a 'veldskoen'

Shoe or Boot (made from suede)

16.If Thomas was the 'T' what 'S' was writer TS Eliot's middle name?


17.In which range of mountains would you find the second,third and fourth highest peaks of Dykh-Tau,Shkhara and Koshtan-Tau respectively?


18.Replaced by Malcolm Fraser in 1975,which Australian prime minister was sacked for his refusal to call a general election over a budget crisis?

Gough Whitlam

19.Representing the Birchfield Harriers, this woman broke the 5 minute barrier with a time of 4 minutes and 59.6 seconds on 29 May 1954 during the Midlands Women's AAA Championships at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium. She was the first woman to do so.Who was she?

Diane Leather (now Charles)

20.It is a social networking site, where users can make purchases to buy virtual items. Owned by SK Communications, it is a phenomenon in South Korea where it is claimed 95% of 20 to 25 year olds belong. Also used in China and Vietnam what is the name of this site?