Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday Quiz 5

Here they are at last.

Have a good quiz !

1. The preliminary motorcycle course, needed in order to ride unaccompanied on the road, is known as a 'CBT'. What does this acronym stand for?

Compulsory Basic Training

2.Which is the world's most populous island?


3.Seen,somewhat, as a 'sister' paper to the Independent,what is the name of the national,daily newspaper that was launched this week?

The 'i'

4.which author wrote the 'Magic Faraway Tree' series of childrens books?

Enid Blyton

5.The human ailment 'Epistaxis' is more commonly known by what name?


6.According to the biblical Gospels of Matthew and Luke, to which king was Joseph (the carpenter and husband of Mary) a descendant?

King David

7. In the film, Toy Story 3, who provided the voice for the character Jessie?

Joan Cusack

8.Who wrote the novel 'Tristram Shandy'?

Laurence Sterne

9.Which US president was nicknamed 'Old Hickory'?

Andrew Jackson

10.Who is currently the head of the British MI5?

John Evans

11.Which British National newspaper is owned by the Barclay Brothers?

The Daily Telegraph

12. Which American did Graeme McDowell defeat to claim the Ryder Cup for
Europe in October?

Hunter Mahan

13. How many different Prime Ministers have there been during the reign of Elizabeth II?

12 (Twelve)

14.Which US state's three largest cities are Jackson,Gulfport and Hattiesburg?


15.Which Middle Eastern country is divided into five districts, the largest in population being Al Farwaniyah?


16.David Thompson , who died last week and succeeded by Fruendel Stuart, was the Prime Minister of which Carribean country?


17.King of France,Duke of Florence,Bertram, Count of Rousillon,
Countess of Rousillon and Helena are all major characters in which of Shakespeare's plays?

All's Well That Ends Well

18.In 1985 Robert Lindsay won an Olivier and Tony Award.Featuring the songs 'The Lambeth Walk' and 'The Sun has Got His Hat On' ,what is the name of this musical written by Furber,Rose and Gay?

Me And My Girl

19.In Greek it can be translated as 'wise-ist' or 'wise man'. What was the name of the group of Greek philosophers and teachers who taught predominately young statesman and noblemen, in return for payment, much to the condemnation of Plato ?

Sophists (from Sophism)

20.One of the first British campaigners for the abolition of the slave trade,he formulated the plan to settle blacks in Sierra Leone and founded the St. George's Bay Company. His efforts led to both the founding of the Province of Freedom. Which abolitionist is considered one of the founding fathers of Sierra Leone?

Granville Sharp