Saturday, 30 October 2010

Thanks for your recent comments

I wanted to say thank-you to those who have visited this site so far and the positive feedback received.

I'm basically trying to improve my own General Knowledge, whilst providing some (hopefully) interesting questions.

For those of you new to the site, I will put up a 50 question quiz on Sundays and a 20 question quiz on Thursdays. In both cases I aim to get them on by 9.00pm.

I will,periodically, put on some specialist genre/subject quizzes. Any suggestions are very welcome.
Also I will be putting on a Twitter link , which will have a 'poser' question each day. (Along the lines of 'name the 10 people who have done such and such', or , a 'what's the connection' type question.

Just to remind you,if you know of any quiz nights/events, I would be interested to know, as I would like to create a database for people to view.

So thanks once again for your support and for visiting, if you would like to add a link or want to link this site, just let me know

Happy Quizzing