Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday Quiz 6

Got this done sooner than I thought.

I hope you enjoy the next 50.

1.The Akatsuki Mission ,launched this year, was the first Japanese space mission to which planet?


2.Who beat the Indianapolis Colts to win their first Superbowl in January 2010?

New Orleans Saints

3.Which London Underground line has its furthest North stations as Cockfosters,Oakwood and Southgate?

Piccadilly Line

4.What links a Jacobean tragedy, an Oscar nominated film starring Angelina Jolie and a 1982 album by Toyah?

The Changeling

5.The trial of which London-based multi-national oil trading firm for illegally exporting hazardous waste to Ivory Coast in 2006 began, in Amsterdam,in June this year?


6. Both of this artist's albums - 'Alas I Cannot Swim' and ' I Speak Because I Can' have been nominated for the Mercury music prize. Recently she has topped the NME's Cool List 2010. What is the name of this folk,Indie performer, who was part of the original line-up of the band Noah And The Whale?

Laura Marling

7.This make of British sportscar is named after a former, multiple Formula One Champion. It was founded by Dutch millionaire Klaas Zwart in 1995 and the first models being the 'FGT' in 1995 then the 'Ecosse' in 1998. What is the nmae of this 'high end' vehicle manufacturer,based in Banbury?

Ascari Cars

8.What is the name of the first serving MI6 chief to give a public address
in its 101 year history?

Sir John Sawers

9.In Thailand it's 555, in Sweden ASG and in France it's MDR. What is it in the United Kingdom?

LOL (Laugh out loud in Text Abbreviation code)

10.John Crome and Joseph Cotman were lead painters of which (primarily) British art movement founded in the early 19th century?

Norwich School

11.Nowadays it is just a city, but from which former Republic did France obtain Corsica in 1768?


12.In August 2010, scientists from the University of Leeds discovered the first undersea river. Located near to the Bosphorus Strait, in which sea was this found?

Black Sea

13. Which 19th Century poet released a collection of poems called 'Men And Women', which included the poems 'Love Among The Ruins and 'Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came'?

Robert Browning

14.An anonymous Middle-English historical and religious poem of nearly 30,000 lines written around 1300 AD. The poem summarizes the history of the world as described in the Christian Bible and other sources.Proving very popular in its time what is the name most-often quoted single work in the Oxford English Dictionary ?

Cursor Mundi (Latin for 'Runner of the World')

15. What chemical is represented by the symbol Es?


16.The dish of Masgouf, involves cooking a whole sliced fish,marinated with spices,salt,pepper and is then cooked slowly over a barbecue on wooden sticks. It is a national dish of which country?


17.Hanni Wenzel and Paul Frommelt were Olympic Skiing medalists representing which country?


18.In 1916, Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Tristan Tzara, Jean Arp amongst others founded which Art Movement in a Zurich nightclub?


19.Who wrote the novels 'The Name of the Rose' and 'Foucault's Pendulum' ?

Umberto Eco

20.What connects a 1990's alternative hip-hop music group from Atlanta, Georgia , a television series that originally aired on the Fox Network from 2003 to 2006 starring Jason Bateman and a medical term for a stoppage in mental or physical growth?

Arrested Development

21.Which King of England created Flemish painter, Peter Paul Rubens, a knight?

Charles I

22.Best known for his role as Cliff Clavin in US sitcom 'Cheers', who provides the voice of 'Hamm the Piggy Bank' in the film Toy Story 3?

John Ratzenberger

23.The 120 members of this parliament are called MPs. The National Party currently has 58 seats and the Labour party 43,withhe rest made up by smaller parties including the Green Party. In which country would you find this parliament which follows the 'Mixed Member Proportional' electoral system?

New Zealand

24.Since December 2007 it has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norbert Dentressangle and a recognisable name on motorways.What is the name of the large haulage logistics company that was started in Scotland in 1872, by a Norweigian migrant and from whom the company takes its name?

Christian Salvesen

25. In terms of population, what is the smallest city in Scotland?


26.With the only difference being a slightly darker tint of blue on the left hand vertical strip,which African country's flag is almost identical to that of Romania?


27. The Spanish actor Pablo Pineda won the Silver Shell award at the San Sebastien film festival in September 2009 for the film 'Yo Tambien'. He was the first actor with which disability to win this award?

Down's Syndrome

28.Which stand-up comedian and former children's TV presenter broke and dislocated several bones after leaping from a pier during the annual Worthing International Birdman festival in August 2010?

Holly Walsh

29.How many British cities have underground (,metro) railway systems?


30.Sometimes called the Green Bank equation, it is an equation used to estimate the number of detectable extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.Having name in common with a very famous mariner,who's equation is this?

(Frank) Drake's Equation

31. Its thrill rides include Stormforce 10,Shockwave and Pandemonium.What is the name of the theme park near Tamworth,Staffordshire, that opened in 1949?

Drayton Manor

32.Who achieved the sprint treble at this years European Athletics Championships in Berlin, by winning gold in the Mens 100 and 200 metres and then in the mens 4x100 metres relay?

Christophe Lemaitre

33.Niamey is the capital city if which African country?


34.Giacomo Balla,Primo Conti and Umberto Boccioni were leading exponents of which early 20th century art movement?


35.Playing piano in his restaurant as a youngster,which puppeteer was the nephew of chip shop owner Harry Ramsden?

Harry Corbett

36.What is the name of the ferryman in Greek legend, who worked for Hades,carrying souls of the deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron?


37.What form of transport is an Umiak?

Boat (similar to a kayak)

38.CH3 OH is the chemical formula for which ingredient of Antifreeze?


39.At which of the Royal estates was George VI both born in 1895 and died in 1952?


40.This children's TV show was shown between 1976 and 1984 and primarily featured two families- The Meakers who run a 'hire' business and The Perkins (who think the Meakers are mad) -The series featured actors such as Sue Nicholls,Christopher Biggins, Molly Weir and even Lynda La Plante. Created by Bob Block what is the name of this now 'cult' show?


41.A work consisting of 100 million hand painted Sunflower seeds is currently on display at The Tate Modern art gallery. Which Chinese artist is responsible for this piece?

Ai Weiwei

42.Which vegetable is the main ingredient for the Eastern European dish,'borsch' ?


43.Who wrote 'He who can,does.He who cannot,teaches'?

George Bernard Shaw

44.With approximately fifty percent taken up by resevoirs, what is the longest river on the Iberian peninsula?


45.Who twice succeeded Ramasy MacDonald as British Prime Minister?

Stanley Baldwin

46. Who is the current British Childrens Laureate?

Anthony Browne

47.After scoring within ten minutes for Nottingham Forest in the 1959 FA Cup Final, Roy Dwight was carried off with a broken leg twenty minutes later. His other claim to fame was his famous musician cousin. What is his cousin's name?

Elton John (Reginald Dwight)

48.With its headquaters in Nadi, it operates international and domestic services around the Pacific, North America and Hong Kong. Air Pacific is the National airline of which country?


49.Name one of the two countries due to compete in the Final of the Davis Cup in December?

France and Serbia

50.In Australia's version of TV show 'The Apprentice' which founder of Wizard Home Loans,Australia's largest non-bank mortgage lender, is in the role of 'boss' or 'hirer'?

Mark Bouris

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Thanks for your recent comments

I wanted to say thank-you to those who have visited this site so far and the positive feedback received.

I'm basically trying to improve my own General Knowledge, whilst providing some (hopefully) interesting questions.

For those of you new to the site, I will put up a 50 question quiz on Sundays and a 20 question quiz on Thursdays. In both cases I aim to get them on by 9.00pm.

I will,periodically, put on some specialist genre/subject quizzes. Any suggestions are very welcome.
Also I will be putting on a Twitter link , which will have a 'poser' question each day. (Along the lines of 'name the 10 people who have done such and such', or , a 'what's the connection' type question.

Just to remind you,if you know of any quiz nights/events, I would be interested to know, as I would like to create a database for people to view.

So thanks once again for your support and for visiting, if you would like to add a link or want to link this site, just let me know

Happy Quizzing


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Thursday Quiz 5

Here they are at last.

Have a good quiz !

1. The preliminary motorcycle course, needed in order to ride unaccompanied on the road, is known as a 'CBT'. What does this acronym stand for?

Compulsory Basic Training

2.Which is the world's most populous island?


3.Seen,somewhat, as a 'sister' paper to the Independent,what is the name of the national,daily newspaper that was launched this week?

The 'i'

4.which author wrote the 'Magic Faraway Tree' series of childrens books?

Enid Blyton

5.The human ailment 'Epistaxis' is more commonly known by what name?


6.According to the biblical Gospels of Matthew and Luke, to which king was Joseph (the carpenter and husband of Mary) a descendant?

King David

7. In the film, Toy Story 3, who provided the voice for the character Jessie?

Joan Cusack

8.Who wrote the novel 'Tristram Shandy'?

Laurence Sterne

9.Which US president was nicknamed 'Old Hickory'?

Andrew Jackson

10.Who is currently the head of the British MI5?

John Evans

11.Which British National newspaper is owned by the Barclay Brothers?

The Daily Telegraph

12. Which American did Graeme McDowell defeat to claim the Ryder Cup for
Europe in October?

Hunter Mahan

13. How many different Prime Ministers have there been during the reign of Elizabeth II?

12 (Twelve)

14.Which US state's three largest cities are Jackson,Gulfport and Hattiesburg?


15.Which Middle Eastern country is divided into five districts, the largest in population being Al Farwaniyah?


16.David Thompson , who died last week and succeeded by Fruendel Stuart, was the Prime Minister of which Carribean country?


17.King of France,Duke of Florence,Bertram, Count of Rousillon,
Countess of Rousillon and Helena are all major characters in which of Shakespeare's plays?

All's Well That Ends Well

18.In 1985 Robert Lindsay won an Olivier and Tony Award.Featuring the songs 'The Lambeth Walk' and 'The Sun has Got His Hat On' ,what is the name of this musical written by Furber,Rose and Gay?

Me And My Girl

19.In Greek it can be translated as 'wise-ist' or 'wise man'. What was the name of the group of Greek philosophers and teachers who taught predominately young statesman and noblemen, in return for payment, much to the condemnation of Plato ?

Sophists (from Sophism)

20.One of the first British campaigners for the abolition of the slave trade,he formulated the plan to settle blacks in Sierra Leone and founded the St. George's Bay Company. His efforts led to both the founding of the Province of Freedom. Which abolitionist is considered one of the founding fathers of Sierra Leone?

Granville Sharp

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday 5

Another 50 to last you.

Fill your boots

1.In the high adrenalin (but illegal) sport of BASE jumping, BASE is an acronym for the four types of jumping location. B is Building and A is Antennae. Give the meaning of one of the two remaining letters(ie S and E).

Span (bridge) Earth (cliff)

2.It is the annual national pilgrimage of Ireland and held on the last Sunday of the month of July. Pilgrims climb Ireland's holiest mountain,Croagh Patrick in County Mayo, traditionally in their bare feet. It is held in honour of Saint Patrick with appoximately 20,000-30,000 pilgrims participating on the day. With a name sounding like an unpleasant smell what is this holy day called?

Reek Sunday (accept Garland Sunday)

3.The Soyombo symbol is to be found on the flag of which Asian country?


4.In Canada and the USA , what name is given to a volume measurement of pulpwood and firewood -defined as 128 cubic feet (3.62m3)?


5.In which autonomous region of Spain will you find the provinces of Burgos,Salamanca and Valladolid?

Castile and Leon

6.Which Portuguese explorer was the son of King John I of Portugal and Grandson of John of Gaunt?

Henry The Navigator

7. Who was finally awarded the Gold Medal in the controversial Womens track 100m final, at this year's Commonwealth Games ?

Natasha Mayers

8.Five species of the plasmodium parasite can infect humans with the most serious forms of the disease are caused by 'Plasmodium falciparum' .It is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. Each year, there are more than 250 million cases of which disease killing between one and three million people?


9.Which of TS Eliot's poems was recited by Colonel Kurtz (played by Marlon Brando), shortly before his death, in the Vietnam film 'Apocalypse Now'?

The Hollow Men

10.She is a daughter of Rhea and Cronus and sister of Zeus.What is the name of the Greek virgin goddess of the hearth, home and cooking? .


11.It is seen as either a bay of the Baltic Sea or a bay of the North Sea.Which sea area is bounded by the provinces of Scania, Halland and Bohuslän in Sweden on the east and by the Jutland Peninsula and the Straits islands of Denmark on the west and south ?

The Kattegat

12. At 111 acres and receiving around 1.3 million visitors annually, which is the largest zoo in England?

Chester Zoo

13. In Binary code ,what whole integer is represented by the code 1010?


14.Situated in Auckland and used for both Rugby Union and Cricket, which is currently the largest stadium in terms of capacity in New Zealand?

Eden Park

15.Which religious organization was founded in Detroit, Michigan, by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad in July 1930?

Nation Of Islam

16.Traditionally made from beaver fur,where on the body would you wear a 'Castor' ?

Head (a hat)

17.Mbabane is the capital city of which African country?


18.Which of the cranial nerves is responsible for the transmission of the sense of smell?

Olfactory Nerve

19.At which castle was Charles I imprisoned in moinths before his trial and execution in 1649?

Carisbrooke Castle

20.C17 N21 NO4 is the chemical formula for which artificial stimulant?


21.Prior to Tom Hanks' double, who was the last actor to win the'Best Actor' Oscar for two consecutive years?

Spencer Tracy

22.Amancio Ortega Gaona, Spain's richest man, is the founder and current chairman of which corporation (one of the World's largest fashion groups)?

Indetix (Industria de Diseño Textil)

23.Eton College was founded by which king in 1440?

Henry VI

24.Which common household item is traditionally referred to in Cockney rhyming slang as 'Cape of Good Hope'?


25.After Rudyard Kipling's poem, it is sometimes referred to as 'The Road to Mandalay'. Which is the largest river in Myanmar?

The Irrawaddy River (or Ayeyarwady)

26.Which author won two of the first four Pulitzer prizes for fiction. The books being 'The Magnificent Ambersons' and 'Alice Adams'?

Booth Tarkington

27.Found in Siberia and the Himalayas, which type animal, with a rich brown coat is, known as a Kolinsky?


28.Which philosopher is quoted in his work 'The Social Contract' as saying 'Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains'?

Jean Jacques Rousseau

29.Arrested in Kartoum in 1994, he is now serving life in Clairvaux Prison,France.Under what name is this international terrorist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez better known?

Carlos The Jackal

30 With number one singles 'Pass Out' and 'Written in the Stars' in 2010 ,what is the performing name of British rapper and R&B star Patrick Okogwu?

Tinie Tempah

31.which historical Shakespeare play features the characters The Duke of Clarence,The Duke of Exeter and Mountjoy?

Henry V

32.Rehoboam was the ruler of Judah in 930 BC. Which biblical ruler was his father,who died in 931 BC?


33.Which US state has the zipcode prefix MI?


34.What surname links a Poet Laureate, an Oscar winner and an eponymous character portayed by Don Johnson in a 1990s TV show?

Bridges (Robert,Jeff and Nash respectively)

35.Who was the last Frenchman to appear in the Wimbledon Mens Singles Final?

Cedric Pioline

36.In terms of architecture, to what object does a 'cartouche' resemble?

A scroll

37. In October 2010 it was announced by Google and the Israel Antiquities Authority , plans to publish which historical manuscript online?

Dead Sea Scrolls

38.Mario Vargas Llosa from Peru, was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2010, but in which category?


39.Ithuriel's Spear belong to which family of plants?


40.Who,in collaboration with Sir Benjamin Baker, designed the London Underground system?

Sir John Fowler

41.Which subsidary of Kraft foods is the producer of the worldwide selling 'Oreo' biscuits?


42.The plane of which airline, crashed on an approach to Tripoli airport in May 2010 ,leaving just one survivor, a nine year old boy from The Netherlands?

Afriqiyah Airways

43.Which strategic board game,set in Europe just before World War I, was created by Allan B. Calhamer in 1954 and released commercially in 1959?


44. Which British Actor is to play the role of Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's forthcoming Hobbit films?

Martin Freeman

45.Which English county cricket team plays matches at the 'Rose Bowl'?


46.Seen by many as one of the founding works of art history, who wrote the 16th Century work 'The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters,Sculptors and Architects'?

Giorgio Vasari

47.Frappuccino, is the name and registered trademark, owned and used by which chain of coffee shops?


48. With which musical instrument would you associate Ray Thomas from the Moody Blues and Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull?


49. In which of Shakespeare's plays would you find the characters Cloten,Imogen and Caius Lucius?


50.Which car manufacturer has models called Ypsilon,Delta and Musa?


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday Quiz 4

The next instalment.

I know I've put two Oscar winner questions in, but I thought I would leave them in anyway.


1.What was the currency of The Netherlands before the Euro was introduced in 2002?

The Guilder

2. The city of El Paso is located in which US state?


3.Which vitamin's chemical name is 'riboflavin'?

Vitamin B2

4.What is the chemical symbol for Tungsten?


5.In which English county will you find the attractions of Bowood House,Castle Combe and Longleat Safari Park?


6.Who replaced Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia in June 2010?

Julia Gillard

7.Who was the architect responsible for the Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York City?

Frank Lloyd-Wright

8.Which is the only Woody Allen directed film to win the 'Best Picture' at the Academy Awards (Oscars)?

Annie Hall

9.What is the highest waterfall in the USA?

Yosemite Falls

10.The 'Evasion', 'Xantia' and 'Synergie' are all recent models by which car manufacturer?


11.Tom Werner and John Henry took over Liverpool Footbasll Club last week with their company NESV.What does NESV stand for?

New England Sports Ventures

12.Hartford is the capital of which US state?


13.What is the SI unit for thermodynamic temperature?


14.The historical region of Pomerania, on the south shore of the Baltic Sea, is divided by which two countries?

Poland and Germany

15. After Nitrogen and Oxygen, what is the 3rd most abundant gas in the Earth's atmosphere?


16.The King of Navarre and three noble companions, Berowne, Dumaine, and Longaville, take an oath to devote themselves to three years of study, promising not to give in to the company of women - This a very brief synopsis of which Shakespeare comedy?

Love's Labours Lost

17.Who was British Prime Minister at the start of the 19th Century?

William Pitt The Younger

18.Who is the only man to have won two 'Best Actor' Oscars in the 21st Century?

Sean Penn

19.One of six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury's classic 'The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks'. Which cocktail is made up from rum, lime juice, and sugar (or other sweetener)?


20.One of the most successful German players in recent history, having won eight German championships, six German cups, the UEFA Cup (1996), the UEFA Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup (both 2001). His individual contributions have earned him four consecutive UEFA awards, three IFFHS World's Best awards, the Golden Ball at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and two German "Footballer of the Year" trophies. Who is this German legend born 1969 ?

Oliver Kahn

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday Quiz 4

Here is my next quiz.

I hope you enjoy.

I'm also going to write a sports quiz in the next couple of weeks as an extra quiz, as I've got a few questions going spare.

1.Bergshamra,Duvbo and Farsta are all stations in which city's underground train/metro system?


2.What is the name of the musical instrument created by the American composer Henry Fillmore? Made up of twelve car horns, it was created for use in his 'March of the Automobiles' ,which was composed in 1929, for the Cincinnati Automobile Show


3.A team winter sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team's goal.The rules of the game have many similarities to those of association football. The game is played on a rectangle of ice the same size as a soccer field, each team has eleven players (including a goalkeeper), a match consists of two halves of 45 minutes each and the offside rule is also similar to that observed in soccer. What is the name of this sport of whom Sweden are the current men's World Champions?


4.In which country did the Vaiont Dam disaster of 1963 take place?


5.Which American comedian and actor played 'Border Guard', 'Chet Pussy' and 'Carlos' in the 1996 film 'From Dusk Til Dawn'?

Cheech Marin

6.The Third Punic War ,primarily consisted of which major battle?

Battle of Carthage

7.Which is the oldest constituent college at Oxford University?

University College

8.The primary purpose of the Act is to codify the complicated and numerous array of Acts and Regulations, which formed the basis of anti-discrimination law in Great Britain. This was, primarily, the Equal Pay Act 1970, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1976, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. What is the name of this new Act of Parliament which became law as of 1st October 2010 ?

Equality Act (2010)

9. From which West End theatre has the record-breaking play 'The Mousetrap ' been performed since March 1974?

St Martin's Theatre

10. It is situated 25 miles (40.2km) north west of Charing Cross, making it the furthest station out from Central London anywhere on the London Underground network (using Charing Cross as a central point). It is also both the northernmost and westernmost London Underground Station. It replaced Ongar as the farthest station when the latter closed in 1994. Which station?


11. She is most widely known for her children's book Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige (The Wonderful Adventures of Nils). Who was the first female writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Selma Lagerlof

12.Who was the only non-Chilean to be rescued from the recent mine disaster in Copiapo ,Chile ?

Carlos Mamani

13.From which of Shakespeare's plays does the quote appear - 'It is too full o' th' milk of human kindness, to catch the nearest way' ?


14.Given city status in 1919 and home to two universities, which English city is home the only Jain temple in the West?


15.What is the name of the Thai film that won the 2010 Palme D'or at the Cannes Film Festival?

Uncle Boonme Who Can recall His Past Lives

16.The Sandinista National Liberation Front seized power in 1979 and ruled until 1990 in which country in the Americas?


17.In which sport did India collect a Gold Medal on the last day of the Commonwealth Games? It meant they pipped England to second place in the medal table


18.What type of animal is served live in the Korean dish 'Sannakji' ?

Octopus(due to translation accept Squid)

19.The fictional organisation ZEP, the secret police of Taschist Borduria is found in which series of books?

The Adventures of TinTin

20.Mary MacKillop is to be be the first Australian to achieve what recognition in October 2010?

Canonised as a Saint(of the Roman Catholic Church)

21.In her home country- Peru, she is a National hero. Sofia Mulanovich won the world title in 2004 and has been ranked in the top 10 for the majority of the 21st century. Her biggest rivals in recent years have been the Australians Layne Beachley and Stephanie Gilmore. In which sport does she excel?


22.Which political party currently holds the most number of seats in the Irish parliament?

Fianna Fail

23.In terms of population , what is the largest city in the European Union, that is NOT a Capital city?


24.Built in the 18th Century and home to the Dukes of Wellington since 1817, which English Heritage property is known as 'No.1 London' ?

Apsley House

25. Which racing driver win the British Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone in 2010?

Mark Webber

26.It is Britain's most valuable poetry prize and won in 2010 by Seamus Heaney for his collection 'Human Chain'. Established in 1991 and offering a £10,000 top prize. What is the name of this award?

Forward Poetry Prize

27.Which 17th century,English philosopher is noted for his work 'Essay Concerning Human Understanding' and considered a founding theorist of modern democracy?

John Locke

28.What function key was added as an improvement to the typewriter a in 1878 by the Remmington Arms Company?

The 'Shift' Key

29.Oliver Stone,Philip Glass and Tiger Woods are all practitioners of which religion?


30.Which German cruiser was scuttled near Robinson Crusoe island as a result of the Battle of Más a Tierra in 1915?

SMS Dresden

31.Which board game was originally invented by Alfred Butts in 1931 ,but not sold under its present name until 1949?


32.Who is the famous businessman uncle of actress Rita Simmons, who plays the role of Roxy Mitchell in Eastenders?

Alan Sugar

33.In which city were the 1940 Summer Olympic Games originally scheduled to take place, before being rescheduled to Helsinki and subsequently being cancelled due to war?


34.Who wrote the opera The Girl Of The Golden West?


35.Born in 1939 he is a prominent English architect, particularly noted for several modernist buildings.This includesg London's Waterloo International railway station and the Eden Project in Cornwall. In 2004, he was elected President of the Royal Academy.Who is this Sussex born architect?

Nicholas Grimshaw

36.Created in the 1930s and the subject of a 1975 film, which pulp hero was Lester Dent best known for creating?

Doc Savage

37.Who appeared on a World War I recruitment poster above the words `Your country needs YOU`?

Lord Kitchener

38.What does a CB radio enthusiast refer to as a `pregnant roller skate`?

VW Beetle

39.With the exception of the Muschovy duck, from what duck do all domestic ducks descend?


40.The 1997 film 'Fierce Creatures' was the unsuccessful sequel to which 1988 film for which Kevin Kline won an Oscar?

A Fish Called Wanda

41.The American 'Mariner 2' was launched in 1962 after the failing of the Russian probe 'Venera 1' one year earlier. It was the first probe to observe which planet?


42.In which Dickens novel would you find the characters Frank Cheeryble,Newman Noggs,Sir Mulberry Hawk and Wackford Squeers?

Nicholas Nickleby

43.Who,currently holds the record of most Premier (Football) League appearances?

David James

44.Written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, which poem starts with the line `On either side of the river lie`?

The Lady of Shalott

45.By what name was Helen Porter Mitchell better known?

Dame Nellie Melba

46.Who's works, which are housed in the Prado include 'The Clothed Maja' and 'The Colossus'?

Francisco Goya

47.The highest point is High Willhays and lowest is Doghole Bridge. It's area is 954 square kilometres. Which UK National park is this?


48.Who was the original architect of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford?

Charles Cockerell

49.Founded by Hugh de Payens, what name is given to a skilled fighting unit of the Roman Catholic church?

The Knights Templar

50.What is the name of the Candian Rock band whose albums have included Fly by Night,A Farwell To Kings and Grace Under Pressure amongst their 19 studio albums?


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday Quiz number 3

20 more to have a crack at..........

1.Which Australian opera singer died this week at her home in Montreaux,Switzerland?

Dame Joan Sutherland

2.In 1647 George fox founded 'The Friends of Truth'. By what name do we now know this group?

The Quakers

3.Who was the first woman in space?

Valentina Tereshkova

4.The characters Will,Simon,Jay and Neil are collectively known as who or what in a current Channel 4 Sitcom?

The Inbetweeners

5.What is the name of the new BBC2 sitcom starring Alan Davies as an aspiring celebrity chef?


6.What was the name of the British low-cost airline that was declared bankrupt in December 2009?


7.What is the name of the man who shot and killed 12 people in Cumbria
before turning the gun on himself in June 2010?

Derrick Bird

8.Noted for his works 'Las Meinas and 'The Rokeby Venus' who was Royal portrait painter to King Philip IV of Spain?

Diego Velazquez

9.The discovery of Penecillin by Alexander Fleming occurred during which decade?

The 1920's

10.The Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg is the ruling name of the monarchy in which country?


11.What was the name of the Headmaster of Salem House School in Charles Dickens' 'David Copperfield'?

Mr Creakle

12.Who was the last player from a non 'big 4' club to win the Premiership Golden Boot?

Kevin Phillips (1999/00)

13. Which British, publicly recognised couple, have children named Ivan,Nancy,Arthur and Florence?

David and Samantha Cameron

14.Jack Dorsey is the founder of which worldwide social networking website?


15.Catherine Morland is the heroine in which Jane Austen novel. It also features the families- the Thorpes and the Tilneys?

Northanger Abbey

16.Port Vila is the capital and largest city of which pacific island state?


17.Which is the only dwarf planet to be part of the solar system's asteroid belt ?


18. Which Conservative MP is the current Secretary of State for Culture,Olympics,Media and Sport?

Jeremy Hunt

19.Swiss businessman, social activist and Nobel Laureate is regarded as the main inspiration for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Geneva Convention?

Henri Dunant

20.A source for Oceanographic research ,L'Atalante basin lies deep beneath which body of water?

Mediterranean Sea

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Quiz Number 3

Here's the next Sunday quiz.

A little bit later, but been away for most of today.

Have fun!

1.Also known as The Debonaires or The Sophisticates in some tellings, it is an exceptionally transgressive dirty joke that has been told by numerous stand-up comedians since the vaudeville era. Throughout its long history, it has evolved from a clichéd staple of vaudevillian humor into a postmodern anti-joke. What is it more commonly known as?

The Aristocrats

2.It was one of the major British offensives mounted on the Western Front in 1915 during World War I. It marked the first time the British used poison gas during the war, and is also famous for the fact that it witnessed the first large-scale use of new army or "Kitchener's Army" units. Name this battle?

The Battle of Loos

3.Kigali is the capital city of which African country?


4.Contemporary rock bands Hot Hot Heat,Billy Talent and Bedouin Soundclash all hail from which country?


5.Driving for the Citroen World Rally Team, who has just won his seventh consecutive World Rally Championship?

Sebastian Loeb

6.Sir Alfred Gilbert is associated with which field of the Arts?


7.Sir John In Love' is an opera first performed in 1929 and features a rendition of 'Greensleeves'. Who was it's composer?

Ralph Vaughan Williams

8.Name two of the three countries invoved in the late 19th Century War of the Pacific?


9.In text message abbreviation, for what does GMTA stand?

Great Minds Think Alike

10.Originally called Kathy Kane and more recently shortened to Kate Kane, she was created in the 1950s by DC Comics to disprove allegations of homsexuality against a well known male character. What is her Superhero name?


11.Which city is the main habitat for Ian Rankin's crime fiction?


12.In terms of inmate capacity, which is the largest prison in the UK?


13.What sort of creature is an Impala?


14.Which Scottish castle is the home of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne and is the legendary setting for Shakespeare's 'Macbeth'?


15.In which Italian region will you find provinces including, Ancona,Macerata and Ascoli Piceno?


16.Members of the order Anura - Leptodactylidae, Hylidae and Ranidae are the richest in species of which animal?


17.What was the real name of the outlaw nicknamed 'The Sundance Kid'?

Harry Longbaugh

18.Who is the only track and field British male athlete that currently holds a World Record?

Jonathan Edwards

19.Which everyday household appliance was invented by Charles Strite?


20.One of the first battles fought in the American War of Independance, it happened at the Siege of Boston and fought across much of the Charlestown Peninsula. Which battle?

Battle of Bunker Hill

21.Who played the hapless compere Jerry St Clair, at the Phoenix Club in Peter Kay's 'Phoenix Nights'?

Dave Spikey

22.In 1521 , which reformer was interrogated by the 'Diet of Worms'?

Martin Luther

23.In which town were Ellis Peters mediaeval 'Cadfael' mysteries set?


24.Which classic novel is narrated by Lockwood, a resident of Thrushcross Grange

Wuthering Heights

25.Which physician established the circulation of blood in 1619?

William Harvey

26.Which actress is commonly remembered for her appearances with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in the 'Road to...' movies?

Dorothy Lamour

27.In which city in northern Chile are 33 miners trapped after a copper-gold mine collapsed?


28.Which British composer wrote the operas 'The Olympians' and 'Tobias and the Angel'. He also became master of the Queen's music in 1953?

Arthur Bliss

29.Who wrote the 1985 novel 'Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit?

Jeanette Winterson

30.In the bible, who was Solomon's mother?


31.What was the real name of the man known as the 'Birdman of Alcatraz'?

Robert Stroud

32.Most people will remember the scintillating 19.19 seconds run by Usain Bolt to win the 2009 World Championship 200 metres Gold Medal. Which must lesser known Panamanian athlete won silver with a swift 19.81 seconds?

Alonso Edward

33.This was a scheme run by English artist Michael Landy at the South London Gallery in Peckham, London,which ran for six weeks during February and March 2010. Landy had a large transparent skip installed at the gallery, into which he invited the public to throw art work with which they were dissatisfied.What name did he give to the scheme?

The Art Bin

34.Which superhero is the alter-ego of radio news reporter Billy Batson?

Captain Marvel

35.The site of the Battle of Koniggratz in 1866,during the Austro-Prussian War, is in which modern day country?

Czech Republic

36.An American spy action thriller directed by Phillip Noyce, Angelina Jolie plays a character, who is accused of being a KGB sleeper agent, and goes on the run to try to clear her name.Which 2010 film?


37.Corfu,Kefalonia and Zakynthos all belong to which group of Greek Islands?


38.Published at Easter 2010 by Canongate Books, 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ' tells the story of Jesus as if he were two people, "Jesus" and "Christ," with contrasting personalities. The book has attracted controversy, as well as hate mail sent to the author by Christian fundamentalists threatening him with damnation. Which author

Philip Pullman

39.Who did Frank Bruno beat to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion in 1995?

Oliver McCall

40.John Varley is the current Chief Executive of which high street bank?


41.Which American soap opera showed its final episode in September after a 54 year run?

As The World Turns

42.Paget's disease is a chronic disease of which part(s) of the body?


43.Who currently lies 9th in line to the British throne?

Lady Louise Windsor

44.The Pritzker Prize is a well respected award in which field?


45.Zipf's Law is used within within which branch of mathematics?


46What is the name of the Dutch MP ,put on trial in Amsterdam on charges of inciting hatred against Muslims, in his 17-minute film 'Fitna'?

Geert Wilders

47.Who has been very recently become the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer,replacing Alastair Darling?

Alan Johnson

48.To date,which all girl group has had the most UK number one singles?

The Spice Girls

49.If you thought Lady Jane Grey didn't last long, then this French King faired even worse. Called the'Posthumous',he was King of France and Navarre, and Count of Champagne. The son and successor of Louis X, this baby king lived for only 5 days in 1316. He thus had the shortest recognized reign of any French king. Who is this King who shares his name with an English king born in Beaumont Palace ,Oxford?

John I

50.The Iroquois Nationals are a team consisting of members of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. The team was admitted to this sport's International Federation in 1990. It is the only Native American team sanctioned to compete in any sport internationally. The Nationals placed fourth in the 1998, 2002 and 2006 World Championships in which sport?


Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Thursday Quiz Number 2

Here's another 20 to have a go at.

Again I've tried to make them progressively harder (ish)

Hope you all enjoy

1. Who was the first wife of Henry VIII ?

Catherine of Aragon

2.Austin is the capital of which American state ?


3.What is the highest 'checkout' finish you can get using 2 darts?

110 (treble 20 and Bullseye)

4.The Hoover Dam is found on which river?


5.Who is the current president of South Africa?

Jacob Zuma

6.In which European country was actor Bruce Willis born?

Germany (West)

7.Who is the current British Defence Secretary?

Liam Fox

8.LOT is the national airline of which country?


9.What Latin phrase meaning 'Great Work' is used by painters and authors
to describe their best work?

Magnum Opus

10.From which musical is the song 'Thank Heaven For Little Girls' taken?


11.What US President was shot and killed by Charles Guiteau?

James Garfield

12.Which band have been nominated for a record 4 Mercury Music Prizes, but
have never won?


13.Which star is nearest to the sun?

Proxima Centauri

14.The hero Judge Dredd can be found in which comic?

2000 A.D.

15.What item of clothing from South African origin is a 'veldskoen'

Shoe or Boot (made from suede)

16.If Thomas was the 'T' what 'S' was writer TS Eliot's middle name?


17.In which range of mountains would you find the second,third and fourth highest peaks of Dykh-Tau,Shkhara and Koshtan-Tau respectively?


18.Replaced by Malcolm Fraser in 1975,which Australian prime minister was sacked for his refusal to call a general election over a budget crisis?

Gough Whitlam

19.Representing the Birchfield Harriers, this woman broke the 5 minute barrier with a time of 4 minutes and 59.6 seconds on 29 May 1954 during the Midlands Women's AAA Championships at Birmingham's Alexander Stadium. She was the first woman to do so.Who was she?

Diane Leather (now Charles)

20.It is a social networking site, where users can make purchases to buy virtual items. Owned by SK Communications, it is a phenomenon in South Korea where it is claimed 95% of 20 to 25 year olds belong. Also used in China and Vietnam what is the name of this site?


Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday Quiz Number 2

Here's the next Sunday quiz

I forgot to mention that the 50 question quizzes will be put up on a Sunday.

Hope you enjoy!

1.Which castle, built by Edward I,lies on the eastern side of Anglesey?

Beaumaris Castle

2.Which Anita Brookner novel won the 1984 Booker prize and subsequently adapted for television in 1986 where it was nominated for 9 BAFTA awards?

Hotel Du Lac

3.Founded in the 1940's by Victor Goddet and successor to French newspaper L'Auto ,what is the best selling sports newspaper in France?


4.Which character from Sheridan's play 'The Rivals' has lent her name to the misuse of words?

Mrs Malaprop

5.The Gambler' is an opera based on a short story by Dostoyevsky. Who composed it?

Sergey Profokiev

6.This designer is probably best known for his artwork for Factory Records (including New Order and Joy Division). In 2004 he became the Creative Director for the City of Manchester and in 2010 he designed the England
Football team home shirt. Who is he?

Peter Saville

7.Name this country in South East Asia. It has a population of just under seven hundred thousand. It shares a border with 2 countries and has the currency Ngultrum. Its national sport is Archery and is fondly considered the happiest country in Asia?


8.Which Treaty ratified the formation of the EEC in 1957?

Treaty of Rome

9.What is the largest state in Canada by population?


10.South Korea have won the Womens' Gold 'Team' medal in every Olympics since 1988, at which sport?


11.Proteus and Larissa are moons of which planet?


12.The deficiency in which mineral can cause impaired sexual development and reduced sexual appetite?


13.Which actor appeared in most 'Carry On' Films?

Kenneth Williams

14.An American comedy-drama television series that premiered on HBO on July 18, 2004. The series was created and is largely written by Doug Ellin. It chronicles the acting career of Vincent Chase, a young A-list movie star and his childhood friends from Queens, New York City, as they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of Hollywood. Starring Adrian Grenier and co-produced by Mark Wahlberg, give the name of the show?


15.Developed for the need to increase efficiency in steam engines,which branch of science is the study of energy conversion between heat and mechanical work?


16.Which tennis player played in eight consecutive US Open finals in the 1980's ,winning three of them?

Ivan Lendl

17.What is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu?

Chennai (Madras)

18.What was the name of the wife of Roald Dahl , who died in August 2010?

Patricia Neal

19.He is known as one of the three canonic poets of Latin literature and considered a master of the elegiac couplet. His works include Amordes,Heroides,fasti and Tristia, all of which were written between 1 and 10 AD.His real name is Publius Ovidius Naso but what name is he more commonly known by to the English speaking world?


20.From which country does the 'The Treskelling Yellow' belong.It is the world's most expensive stamp


21.Griff Rhys-Jones replaced who in the TV comedy series 'Not The Nine O'Clock News'?

Chris Langham

22.Who wrote 'The Lucy Poems'

William Wordsworth

23.Sarah Jane Hutt was the last British woman to win which competition?

Miss World

24.This is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet.Its incarnation is the result of a March 2000 merger between Confinity and and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as cheques and money orders.What is the name of this service ,which in 2002 became a wholly owned subsidiary of 'E-Bay'?


25.Which game is played with two decks of cardsplus 4 Jokers with hands being played until one partnership reaches 5000 points?


26.Sharing a name with a short lived 1980's soul/pop group, which cocktail consists of rum,Curacao liquer and lime juice?

Mai Tai

27.Henry III was the son of which king?

King John

28.Which actor's dying words are believed to be 'My fun days are over'

James Dean

29.This scientific law describes the observation in physical cosmology ,that the velocity at which various galaxies are receding from the Earth, is proportional to their distance from us. It's founder formulated this law in 1929 and is considered an important piece of evidence to support the Big Bang theory. Who's law is this attributed, they also have a far more famous piece of cosmological equipment named after them?

(Edwin) Hubble

30.What is the name of the Italian region that contains the city of Naples?


31.Which Physicist won the 1922 Nobel Prize for physics for 'his services in the investigation of the structure of atoms and of the radiation emanating from them'?

Nils Bohr

32.The 1969 Football War was fought between which two countries ?

El Salvador and Honduras

33.What do these have in common :-Jeff Buckley (Hallelujah) ,Michael Jackson (Heal The World) ,The Pogues (Fairytale of New York) and I Have A Dream (Abba)

All Christmas Number 2's (Note: 2 of the songs have been Xmas No1 but by different artists)

34.Which Southern England seaside resort is renowned for having the longest pleasure pier in the world?


35.Standing at 456 feet (139metres) it is located in Jackson,New Jersey and costed 25 million US dollars.What kind of structure is 'Kinga Ka',the tallest of its kind in the world?


36.Since its first season in 1991,which football club have won Denmark's Superliga on the most occasions?

FC Copenhagen

37.Upper Hutt City,Lower Hutt City and Porirua are 3 of the 4 main urban areas of which Commonwealth capital ?


38.On which TV show in September 2010 did Kelsey Martinovich become series winner only for it all to be a big mistake. Amanda Ware eventually declared champion?

Australia's Next Top Model

39.According to Forbes, which singer is only second to Oprah Winfrey on the 2010 celebrity 'Rich List'?

Beyonce Knowles

40.The Saville Inquiry ,published in June 2010 , was the longest running Public Inquiry in British history. It began following an incident of 1972. Which incident?

Bloody Sunday

41. Who was the only male tennis player to complete a career Grand Slam during the 1990s?

Andre Agassi

42.In 1675, who was appointed as the first Astronomer Royal

John Flamsteed

43.Sydenham's chorea or Chorea minor is a disease characterised by rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements affecting primarily the face, feet and hands. Named after the body the afflicted once prayed to, by what name is it more commonly known?

St Vitus' Dance

44.This American film drama marked the directorial debut of Robert Redford. The story concerns the disintegration of an upper-middle class family in Lake Forest, Illinois, following the death of the older son. It starred amongst others Donald Sutherland , Mary Tyler Moore and Timothy Hutton (who won best supporting actor in the same year). What is the name of this film which beat The Elephant Man and Raging Bull to win the Best Picture Oscar in 1980

Ordinary People

45.What is the name of Russia's largest internet search engine and also the worlds eighth largest? (In May 2010 it launched an English only version of the search engine)


46.Which city is the capital of British Colombia?


47.In Australian rules football,Which team won the AFL Grand Final in 2010 after a replay?


48.During which 19th Century conflict were the Battles of Manila Bay,Manzanillo and Mani-Mani fought?

Spanish-American War

49.One of the most successful German players in recent history, having won eight German championships, six German cups, the UEFA Cup (1996), the UEFA Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup (both 2001). His individual contributions have earned him four consecutive UEFA awards, three IFFHS World's Best awards, the Golden Ball at the 2002 FIFA World Cup and two German "Footballer of the Year" trophies. Who is this German legend born 1969 ?

Oliver Kahn

50.Which is ,by far,the most populated province of Pakistan?