Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Thursday Quiz 1

Here's the first Thursday Quiz.

It's supposed to get a bit trickier the further you go. Enjoy!

1.In which city will the 2010 Commonwealth Games be held?

New Delhi

2.What was the 1992 follow up to the 1989 film 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids'?

Honey I Blew Up The Kid

3.Who was the only woman to stand in the recent Labour Party leadership? contest

Diane Abbott

4.In the bay of which US city would you find the island of Alcatraz?

San Francisco

5.Fleagle,Bingo,Droopy and Snorky are collectively known as who?

The Banana Splits

6.After which metallic element is Argentina derived?


7.Who delivers the 'Friends,Romans,Countrymen' speech in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?

Mark Antony

8.Providence is the capital of which US State?

Rhode Island

9.Retinol is the chemical name of which vitamin/

Vitamin A

10.The name of which painting connects John Constable with Hieronymus Bosch?


11.Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce are the (much) less well known members of which influential Manchester 4-piece of the 1980s?

The Smiths

12.What was the (supposedly) only painting Van Gogh sold in his own lifetime?

The Red Vineyard

13.Which 80s US medical drama was set in St Eligius teaching hospital in Boston?

St Elsewhere

14.FC Barcelona are the current European club champions at which sport?


15.Candice Bushell, author of 'Sex And the City' wrote another book that was turned into a TV series in the 2000's. What was its title?

Lipstick Jungle

16.'The National Service' and 'A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg' are among a number of satires by which modern playwright?

Peter Nichols

17.Which island territory, part of the Netherlands Antilles, has the capital Willemstad?


18.Several years before appearing as luckless sisters Sharon and Tracy in BBC's 'Birds of a Feather', Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke appeared together for several series ,as Maggie and Veronica respectively, in which ITV light hearted comedy-drama written by Marks and Gran?

Shine On Harvey Moon

19.Glorified after his death for his role as a
messenger in the battles of Lexington and Concord and for his 'midnight ride', who is the famous American hero also known for helping organize an intelligence and alarm system to keep watch on the British military?

Paul Revere

20.Founded in 1715 and located in the South West Germany, this city boasts a spectacular palace. The surrounding town became the seat of two of the highest courts in Germany, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany whose decisions have the force of a law, and the Federal Court of Justice of Germany , the highest court of appeals in matters of civil law and criminal law. Which city ,therefore, considers itself the home of justice
in Germany, a role taken over from Leipzig after 1933?