Sunday, 17 June 2018

World Cup Quiz

As it's that time, I thought I give you some tricky World Cup questions.

There's 10 to get.

Hope you enjoy  (and for the record my tip to win is Argentina)

Just to note, I previously put the wrong date for the Quiz In The North event. It is, of course Saturday 23rd June! For details visit

1.Losing to Hungary 6-0 in its only appearance,which country, playing under its former name,became the first Asian team to participate in a World Cup Finals, doing so in 1938?

Indonesia (playing as Dutch East Indies)

2.In terms of the football World Cup Finals,what was 'Tricolore' in 1998, 'Fevernova' in 2002, 'Teamgeist' in 2006 and 'Jabulani' in 2010?

The official match balls

3.Which national football team created history at the 1978 World Cup finals in Argentina, by becoming the first African side to win a World Cup (finals) match, beating Mexico 3–1?


Image result for asamoah gyan
4. (Pictured) He is the all-time leading goalscorer of the Ghana national team, with 51 goals and represented Ghana at the 2006, 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups. With 6 goals, which player is the top African goalscorer in the history of the World Cup?

Asamoah Gyan

5. Scoring in the 19th minute against Mexico,which French footballer,in July 1930,made history,when he became the first ever goalscorer at a FIFA World Cup Finals tournament?

Lucien Laurent

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6. (Pictured) He spent most of his playing career at Petro Atletico from Luanda and is one of the national football team's all-time top goalscorers. He made history in 2006,when he became Angola's first and (so far) only goalscorer at a World Cup Finals,scoring against Iran.His surname is da Silva Amado,but he is usually known by just his first name.What is this name,which is also the title of a 1723 opera by George Handel?


7.It is thought he introduced the tradition of holding the trophy high ,so that photographers and journalists may get a good view. Although the team is probably best remembered for superstars such as Pele and Garrincha,which football player of Italian origin,was the captain of the first Brazilian side to win the World Cup?

Hilderaldo Bellini

8.Although Jairzinho famously scored in every round of the 1970 World Cup Finals,which European striker won the Golden Ball award, scoring 10 goals in total throughout the tournament?

Gerd Muller

9.In September 2016, Carlos Ruiz scored his 39th World Cup qualifying goal, and in doing so set a new record for most World Cup qualifying goals scored . Which national side of the Americas did he represent between 1998 and 2016?


Image result for manuel amoros
10. (Pictured) Playing 82 times for his country, which French right-back is noted, not only for taking part in the first two ever World Cup penalty shootouts,but for being the only person to score in both?

Manuel Amoros

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Didn't realise it's been a couple of weeks!

Back with some more questions then. I didn't realise it had been 2 weeks.

You may notice an advert (possibly two) on the site. This is just a test I'm doing at the moment, so I hope it doesn't affect your enjoyment of the site. (They may even be useful, who knows!)

Also just wanted to say congratulations to Olav Bjortomt on becoming the 2018 World Quizzing Champion. By all accounts it was a very tough set, so very well done. Hopefully those of you that attended events had an enjoyable time regardless of your score.

Good luck also to the next instalment of Quiz In The North, which takes place in Hoylake this weekend.

Hope you enjoy this set (10 for now) and I'll be back with more v.soon (a World Cup/Football one perhaps?!)

1.Dastar,Pheta and Mysore Pheta are all styles of which piece of religious clothing?


Image result for samsonite logo
2.(Pictured) Initially trading in 1910 as the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturing Company in Denver, Colorado,which luggage company, one of the world's largest, changed to its current trading name in 1966, taking its name from one of their trademark suitcases,which itself,had been named after a biblical figure?


3.Measured in lux seconds,what photographic term is defined as, 'the total amount of light allowed to fall on the photographic medium during the process of taking a photograph'?


4.A characteristic that gave rise to an English word,what name is given to the Norse warriors who were reported, in the Old Norse literature, to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury?


Image result for maserati
5.(Picture) Founded in 1914 in Bologna,this company relocated to Modena in 1940.They are now owned by Fiat and have a trident as a company emblem.Which is the only Italian car manufacturer to have provided an engine for an Indianapolis 500 race winner?


6.What word or title connects the superheroine alter-ego of Rahne Sinclair,an English heavy metal band,who in 1991,released the album 'Downfall and The Good Guys' and the alternative name for the flowering plant aconitum?


7.Which Graham Greene novel features the character James Wormold,a vacuum cleaner salesman,who becomes caught up in the world of espionage?

Our Man in Havana

8. Johannes Kepler was the assistant to which noted 16th century Danish astronomer and alchemist,who at one time was thought to have owned one percent of the entire wealth of Denmark?

Tycho Brahe

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9.Native to India,the plants of the genera Elettaria and Amomum (in the ginger family),are often used in Indian and Nordic cuisine as a spice.By what name is it usually known?


10. Preceded by John Tyler and succeeded by Zachary Taylor,which US President is noted for leading the nation to a sweeping victory in the Mexican–American War and for overseeing the opening of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Smithsonian Institution?

James K Polk

Sunday, 27 May 2018

More questions!

I wanted to mention a couple of Quiz dates coming up. One international, one UK.

The World Quizzing Championships takes place in many locations around the world on Saturday 2nd June. It is a chance to test yourself against the very best and you can say you have entered a World Championship too! For further details visit

In the UK, another installment of the successful Quiz In The North events takes place in Hoylake on 23rd June . For further details visit

If you would like me to add any events on here that may be of interest, then please feel free to e-mail me.

Here are another 15 questions for you to have a go at.

Hope you enjoy..............

Image result for francois henri pinault
1.(Pictured) Currently the CEO of  Kering, an international luxury group owning  brands including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, which French billionaire married the actress Selma Hayek in 2009 - previously had a child with supermodel Linda Evangelista?

Francois-Henri Pinault

2. Containing 35 active volcanoes, the Bukit Barisan (or Barisan Mountains) are a 1700km mountain range that runs practically the entire length of which Asian island?


3. Which Royal House of Sweden was founded on the coronation of Charles XIV John in 1818 and is still reigning in 2018, under King Carl XVI Gustaf?


4. It's tomography has been used to image entire cargo containers to detect shielded nuclear material. Which elementary particle, similar to the electron, but with a much greater mass was discovered in 1936 by  Carl D. Anderson and Seth Neddermeyer?


Image result for ralf souquet
5.(Pictured) Nicknamed 'The Kaiser', which German professional pool player has made the most  European appearances in the Mosconi Cup, representing 17 times since the inaugural 1994 tournament?

Ralf Souquet

6. Which Japanese manga artist, screenwriter and film producer created the 'One Piece' manga series in 1997,selling over 430 million copies and making him one of the best selling fiction authors of all-time?

Eiichiro Oda

7. Currently presided by Jim Yong Kim, which International organisation was created in 1944, following the ratification of the Bretton Woods agreements, and is currently based in Washington DC?

World Bank

8. Occurring between 1796 and 1818, which series of conflicts were fought between British colonial forces and a Kingdom located on the island of (now) Sri Lanka, including the 1817 Uva Rebellion?

Kandyan Wars

Image result for blue air airline
9. (Pictured) In terms of passenger numbers, Blue Air is the largest passenger airline of which European country, despite not being the country's Flag Carrier?


10. Nominated for six Golden Raspberries, including a Worst Actress win,what was the name of the 1986 film starring Madonna and Sean Penn, that was also produced by George Harrison?

Shanghai Surprise

11. In Greek mythology, which monster-slaying hero and brother of Europa, is credited as the founder of Thebes?


12. It is an international chain of convenience stores, founded in 1951, in El Paso, Texas.Since the 1980s, has been the largest company owned convenience store chain (ie not franchise) in the USA and has the fourth most convenience stores.Originally known as Kay's Food Stores,it features prominently in the 1989 comedy film,'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'.What is this chain store's name?

Circle K

Image result for pudu
13.(Pictured) Native to South America, they are usually between 30 and 45cm tall and weigh around 12kg. The males have antlers,but are short in length. What is the name of this animal species,the smallest of the deer famiy?


14. Winning four World Championship medals, including an individual gold in 1997, which French athlete is the European record holder over 400m hurdles, a record held since 1995?

Stephane Diagana

15.Deriving their name from the long beards they wore,which  East Germanic tribe, originally from Northern Europe, settled in the valley of the Danube , before invading Byzantine Italy in 568AD under the leadership of Alboin?


Sunday, 20 May 2018

Some new questions!

Sorry it's been a week since my last set. Busy times here and I was playing football this morning too!

Anyway I hope you enjoy this set.....

Image result for jelling stones
1. (Picture) Often identified as the creation of Denmark as a nation state, the first of these stones  was raised by King Gorm, (father of Harald Bluetooth), in honour of his wife Thyra, and the second by Bluetooth himself. Now they are a UNESCO World Heritage site. In which Danish village are they located?


2.He was the successor to Adrian IV (Nicholas Breakspear) and a close friend of King Henry II of England.He also had another strong link to England as he canonised both King Edward The Confessor and Archbishop Thomas Beckett. What is the name and number of this Pope?

Alexander III

3. With a name sounding like a 1972 David Bowie hit, what name, in Greek mythology.was given to the race of six-armed giants who inhabited the same island as the Doliones, in the ancient Greek epic Argonautica?


4. (Picture) Between 1957 and 1969, Bill Russell, playing in the position of 'centre' won 11 NBA Championships,a record still held today. For which basketball team did he play,in every one of those finals?

Boston Celtics

Image result for my so called life
5. (Picture) Featuring the early careers of Clare Danes and Jared Leto, what was the name of the 1990s US teen drama series,set at the fictional Liberty High School,and followed the trials and tribulations of several teenage characters?

My So Called Life

6. Held annually, the AVN Awards have been awarded since 1984 and are divided into nearly 100 categories. Which film genre do they honour?

Pornographic (Adult)

7.With a major port on the River Weser and home to the Hachez chocolate company,which is the smallest state of Germany in terms of area and population?


8. Taken from the Greek meaning 'near sun', what name is given to the closest point of an orbiting celestial body when it is nearest the Sun?


Image result for Kersti Kaljulaid
9. (Picture) Kersti Kaljulaid was elected into office in October in 2016, and in doing so became which EU country's first female President (also the youngest) ?


10. In 1996,which famous actor, himself from a famous artistic 'dynasty', married Rebecca Miller,the daughter of the playwright,Arthur Miller?

Daniel Day-Lewis

11. Hugely influential in reshaping Bengali literature and music, which Indian writer and poet,in 1913, became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, largely for his poetic work,'Gitanjali'?

Rabindranath Tagore

12. Based in Delaware and Pennsylvania, they are one of the wealthiest families in US history and are known for political, business and philanthropic ventures. What is the name of this family, whose most infamous member,perhaps, was portrayed on screen by Steve Carrell in the 2014 film 'Foxcatcher'?


Image result for knvb
13. (Picture) Formed in 1889, KNVB is the governing body of football in which European country - it is also the country's largest sporting association?


14. Used in the production of rocket fuel, which highly corrosive and toxic acid is synthesised using the Ostwald process?

Nitric Acid

Image result for chester bennington
15. (Picture) Helping them sell over 100 million records since 2000, what was the name of the lead singer of the rock band Linkin Park, who sadly died as a result of suicide in 2017?

Chester Bennington